Rural Ireland. W B Yates' correspondence to J M Synge Children at Aran Islands Derry's Bogside District with IRA slogans W B Yates' "the Fiddler of Dooney" A street musician An anti-Clinton abortion protestor in Dublin The surveillance tower at Derry A political mural in Derry Dublin's Ha'penny bridge and Windingstair bookstore The horse loving tradition in Ireland The Cliff of Moher. W B Yates' poem Irish high crosses Aran Islands' burial tradition The unique landscape of Aran Islands Another Aran Islands landscape Kylemore Abbey The Bus Eireann Station at Tralee The Trinity College in Dublin A butcher's shop in Killkenny Sunrise at the Irish Sea and the ode to Ireland
In the country road leading to Spiddal, Co. Galways, a Santa and a child return home with their donkey-drawn carriage.  Rural Ireland, not only is it beautiful, it has also been an inspiring source of numerous arts, musics and literatures.  The great Irish poet W B Yeats once said to his contemporary playwright J M Synge: "Give up Paris.  You will never create anything by reading Racine... Go to Aran Islands.  Live there as if one of the people themselves, express a life that has never found expression".*  For his own experience, he said: "I had just come from Aran, and my imagination was full of those gray islands where men must reap with knives because of the stones."**