Rural Ireland. W B Yates' correspondence to J M Synge Children at Aran Islands Derry's Bogside District with IRA slogans W B Yates' "the Fiddler of Dooney" A street musician An anti-Clinton abortion protestor in Dublin The surveillance tower at Derry A political mural in Derry Dublin's Ha'penny bridge and Windingstair bookstore The horse loving tradition in Ireland The Cliff of Moher. W B Yates' poem Irish high crosses Aran Islands' burial tradition The unique landscape of Aran Islands Another Aran Islands landscape Kylemore Abbey The Bus Eireann Station at Tralee The Trinity College in Dublin A butcher's shop in Killkenny Sunrise at the Irish Sea and the ode to Ireland
In front of the gate of their school in Kilronan, Inishmore, a group of youngsters express no shy to a visitor with a camera. Aran Islands have been transformed since the early 70s' when electricity, modern transportation and telecommunications were brought in. Today, the children are enjoying the same standard and quality of education as do their counterparts in the "mainland". However, leaving or not leaving the islands after their growing up seems to be a serious choice of life that faces everyone of them. Some vow to say. But to many, the outside world is indeed a temptation, whether it means Galways some thirty miles across the sea, or somewhere as far as the other continents.