Rural Ireland. W B Yates' correspondence to J M Synge Children at Aran Islands Derry's Bogside District with IRA slogans W B Yates' "the Fiddler of Dooney" A street musician An anti-Clinton abortion protestor in Dublin The surveillance tower at Derry A political mural in Derry Dublin's Ha'penny bridge and Windingstair bookstore The horse loving tradition in Ireland The Cliff of Moher. W B Yates' poem Irish high crosses Aran Islands' burial tradition The unique landscape of Aran Islands Another Aran Islands landscape Kylemore Abbey The Bus Eireann Station at Tralee The Trinity College in Dublin A butcher's shop in Killkenny Sunrise at the Irish Sea and the ode to Ireland
One of the omni-present murals in Northern Ireland. This one in Derry appears to be commemorating the bloody Sunday in 1968 which happened no more than 100 yards from here. But wherever there is mural for one side, there wold be one for the opposite. Many of those who have been watching the situations in Northern Ireland have to wonder if all the political turmoil are stirred by only a few politicians or religious bigots, and intensified by IRA and its Unionist paramilitary counterparts. Do the grass-root has to share some of the responsibilities? These murals seem to provide an answer. Until all the murals are washed away or replaced by those portray Irish landscape and culture, one will hardly have complete confidence on any kind of peace accord.