Rural Ireland. W B Yates' correspondence to J M Synge Children at Aran Islands Derry's Bogside District with IRA slogans W B Yates' "the Fiddler of Dooney" A street musician An anti-Clinton abortion protestor in Dublin The surveillance tower at Derry A political mural in Derry Dublin's Ha'penny bridge and Windingstair bookstore The horse loving tradition in Ireland The Cliff of Moher. W B Yates' poem Irish high crosses Aran Islands' burial tradition The unique landscape of Aran Islands Another Aran Islands landscape Kylemore Abbey The Bus Eireann Station at Tralee The Trinity College in Dublin A butcher's shop in Killkenny Sunrise at the Irish Sea and the ode to Ireland
Dublin's Ha'penny Bridge viewed from the Windingstair Bookstore by the River Liffey. The steel bridge connects the north and south banks of the Liffey and, in the early days, pedestrains were charged for one penny for a two-way crossing. In his Reveries over Childhood and Youth, W B Yeats writes: "I had very little money and one day the tolltaker at the metal bridge over the Liffey and a gossip of his laughed when I refused the half-penny and said, 'No, I will go round by O'Connel Bridge'".